Friday, September 12, 2008

Raisin Scones


I will never forget the raisin scones at Harrod's high tea with their subtly sweet flavour and very fluffy texture. Since then, I've been dying for another one smothered with none other than clotted cream and jam! After hearing such rave reviews about Cook's Illustrated best blueberry scones, I decided to give them a try. These were definitely more labour intensive than Dorie's apple cheddar scones, from grating the frozen butter to rolling the dough out and folding it back up again, but it was well worth it. Although I wasn't able to get quite the fluffiness I wanted, these were pretty close. Luckily, my dollar store grater held up for the job, but it's definitely time for an upgrade to a large microplane.

sconesraisin (2)

These were supposed to be the best and they did not disappoint. Even my brother had a whole one and he usually doesn't eat a full-anything that I bake other than chocolate chip cookies. Maybe it was the un-dessert like nature of these scones that caught his attention because when it comes to desserts or anything sweet (other than candy) you literally have to offer it to him and sometimes force feed. Weird.. I know.. but on the bright side, there's never a fight for chocolate! It would be nice if I were like that for the sake of my never growing waistline since starting a blog, but then I would be missing out on all the wonderful desserts.

These are definitely on the 'make again' list and if you like your scones soft and fluffy, you have to try them out. They are portioned really big though so you might want to make them a little smaller. Now.. I must get some clotted cream!

sconesraisin (4)

Best Blueberry Scones Recipe
* I substituted 1/2 cup raisins for the blueberries
* Before adding the raisins in the dough, I plumped them up using CI's trick by microwaving them for 30 seconds with 1 tsp of water and then drying them on a paper towel
* I reduced the sugar to 1/4 cup since raisins are prety sweet in general


  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog. These scones look really tasty, fluffy and buttery. I have had raisin scones on my to-bake list for months now. I want to add like a glaze to it, not sure what kind though.
    thanks again!

  2. I'm a new member of TWD and looking forward to seeing more of your baking...and your photos. You have really captured the lightness of these scones! I noted the blueberry scone recipe too but never got around to trying it during blueberry season - what a good idea to try it with raisins. I won't have to wait till next summer.

  3. Oh my, those scones look heavenly. A great way to bring back your memories of high-tea, for sure!

  4. Those blueberry scones look so light and delicious. Your photography is awesome too. I haven't had breakfast and after seeing those scone I am really starving!

  5. 4 bucks?! I have a page open on my screen searching for borders outlet. And I love scones. I usually make dried cherry white chocolate. I'll post them next time, maybe a week. And people are wonderful aren't they?

  6. These look incredibly heavenly!

  7. Gorgeous scones! I loooove clotted cream on my scones yummmm.

  8. They look wonderful! I like how light and fluffy they sound (since usually my scones end up a bit too hard for my liking). Great job!

  9. These scones look wonderful. I would love some for breakfast tomorrow!

  10. It look like your hard work paid off, they look so light and flaky!

  11. When I studied abroad in Ireland, I ate scones constantly. Now I crave them like crazy! Ironically, I've only baked scones once or twice since coming home. I need to fix that!

    Grating butter? That's new.

  12. Ooh, those are gorgeous and look light and fluffy. Yummy!

  13. Your scones look really light. My hips really wish they had the same 'problem' as your brother ;)

    By the way, I tried the whoppers and LOVED them - a tad too much, methinks.

  14. I love raisins! I will have to try your scones out. I usually do Dorie's Cream scones but put in craisins and orange zest. These look good!!

  15. Hi steph
    loved your raisin scones...nicely done

  16. Hi - I have just popped over from Dee's blog.
    I try out scone recipes all the time - still looking for that perfect scone though!
    Now, I must try this recipe. Was a little unsure of the sugar content - I try to use the minimum possible!
    Fabulous scones - fabulous blog!

  17. I love them.. I made a great raisins scones that my unclu teach me..

    I even have put orange licuor on them... and some orange skin.. mmm the taste.. fantastic...

    P.S. jus a question or recomendation, can you take out the word verification? it delays and at least , i think before posting a comment when i see it :)
    if not , no problem ill keep visiting you.. Have a fantastic blog!!

  18. Hi unfortunely when I clicked on the link to look at this recipe it said I couldn't. I had to put my details in for some sort of trial, and I don't want to. But I really am after a recipe for the scones, so I was wondering whether you could please post the full scone recipe somewhere or email it me at

    Much appreciated.



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