Friday, September 19, 2008

Rustic Plum Cake

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I've been dying to bake an unside down pineapple cake or an upside down any-fruit cake for the longest time because they look so pretty on their own undecorated. With an always growing list of things to bake, I never got to it and eventually pineapples were out of season. Now that plums are everywhere, I was not going to let a chance like this pass again so I decided to bake Cook's Illustrated rustic plum cake. Unlike the pineapple version, this type of cake isn't exactly baked upside down. Great... I was really hoping to get a suprise from unmoulding the springform. Regardless, I baked this cake because we had a lot of pluots (not that that would be a problem since fruits are like candy to me!) If you're wondering, I did say pluots. I had no idea what they were except that they looked like plums with a light patchy coloured skin. After a quick google search, I found out they're actually a cross between a PLUm and an apricOT. Don't you just love it when they cross different fruits.. it makes everything so much more interesting.


The batter came together in no time especially since it was all done in the food processor and boy was it thick! I loved the use of almonds because it added a nice nutty flavour to the cake and provided extra structure for the plums or pluots. The best part about this cake is you don't have to worry about overbaking because of all the moisture coming from the fruit. Suprisingly there wasn't any sogginess either and thank god because I have a huge problem with all things soggy. That's why I can't eat cooked oatmeal, cereal with milk or bread pudding even when it looks totally irrestible.. at least not the bottom part. If you've never made a plum cake before, definitely make this one because it has the perfect balance of moisture and flavour. Plus, the food processor makes it really easy and quick. So anyway, I made this way before I knew Dorie's dimply plum cake would be part of September's TWD baking list. I guess this is a great opportunity for comparison, since they use 2 totally different mixing methods.. how exciting!

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Is it me or does my plum cake look more like a tomato cake?

Rustic Plum Cake Recipe


  1. Steph this is absolutely beautiful. It looks like something you would find in an upscale bakery. I know it has to taste just as wonderful as it looks!

  2. It doesn't look like a tomato cake to me! :o) It looks wonderful. I'm not a huge plum fan, or apricots for that matter. But the cake looks really tempting.

  3. I love baking pineapple-upside-down cakes - especially since they bring back nostalgia for me. But wow, that PLUM cake looks DIVINE!!!

    I LOVE PLUOTS!!! But they're officially out-of-season and unavailable here now :0( Boo! Thank goodness my precious red plums are still around though.

    As for your question about the cake looking like a tomato cake - it's you ;0)

  4. That looks so fabulous- I want to try a slice right now! The color of the plums is beautiful!

  5. I love pluots, and that cake looks sooo beautiful and delicious.

  6. That looks delicious to me - and definitely like a plum cake! :P x

  7. hi steph
    forget about tomato or what it looks like...the cake is great and the natural cloours gives it a nice apppeal

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  9. While I am not a big fan of plums, this cake looks so pretty that I would definitely have a slice. What a beautiful cake! But then, coming from you, that is not surprising :)

  10. Oooh, it's so pretty with the jewel colored pluots.

    You had asked how the cookies I made, Chocolate chunkers and Mulattoes, compared in texture... well, the chunkers were, um, chunky and chewy with the chips, nuts, and cherries. The mulattoes were only slightly crunchy due to the pecans. I would probably leave the pecans chopped a bit larger next time because I like a bit of crunchy pieces in the otherwise soft cookie. :)

  11. Hi Steph! I saw your comment on my blog:

    I became a vegan in March 2007, and began incorporating raw foods into my diet in January 2008.

  12. I've never been a huge fan of plums, either, that is until the Dimply Plum Cake! Pluots were new to me until people in TWD used them in the run of fruit desserts we had mid-summer.

  13. Hmm... your last comment made me think. I wonder how it would taste with tomatoes. I made some lemon and tomato marmalade and it turned out brilliant. Maybe I should give that a go. What do you think?



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