Sunday, July 6, 2008


pizza (3)

When my brother and I were younger, the closest we ever got to cooking was making pizza. We would pile the storebought dough with so many toppings that it never cooked through, leaving us with a soggy and rawish crust. A fork would be absolutely necessary to eat our so called pizza turned salad. Since my last two yeasted recipes worked out so well, I decided to give pizza dough a try. This time I wanted to test out the food processor, which is a lot faster than the standing mixer, but also easier to overwork or overheat the dough. I figured that even if the crust was ruined, the toppings would be there to hopefully cover it up.

The recipe said that the dough was going to be tacky, but I had a feeling mine was a little too wet. It was actually so incredibly wet that I literally had to knead a cup of flour into the dough. After that, the dough transformed into a tough and lumpy mess that was difficult to roll out and stretch.

pizza (2)

This time around, I put too few toppings. The crust was a little tough, but better than I imagined. Thank god for the toppings or this would have gone into the garbage.


  1. You have me laughing with the pizza story. My sister and I used to weight ours down too. It would be like a flying saucer of sauce and cheese. Remember the Boboli crust?

    Yours looks really good. I see you have learned much from your childhood pizza days :) The red peppers and mushrooms are beautiful. Keep it up soon to be one month poster :)

  2. Your pizza looks great. I'm glad the dough wasn't as bad as you thought it would be and yes! Thanks God for the toppings :)

  3. I can definitely relate to your over-dressed pizza memories. In fact, I still do that!

    If your pizza dough is coming out too wet, try letting it rest for 15-20 minutes as soon as the dough comes together. This allows the yeast to hydrate and makes the dough smoother and stretchier without adding extra four.

    Good luck.

  4. oh my this pizza looks fantastic!! i love the idea of adding zucchini and pepper..guess this is the best way to entice my hubby to eat veggies hehehe

  5. Nice pictures of the pizza. It looks delicious!

  6. pizza is one of my favorite foods!! yours looks so good, i would like to try to make some focaccia bread pizza ive never had it.

  7. Your pizza looks perfect to me. I love your topping choices. Great photos.

  8. Worse still is when there are too many toppings for the toppings to cook through. Raw garlic is not always a welcome surprise ;)

    Thanks for the well-wishes during the power out. As it turned out, all we had to get rid of was the milk, some sausage, and a few ice-cream bars.

  9. I really love this Pizza!!! Im hungry with this cheese!! mmmxxGloria

  10. It looks perfect! i love the red pepper and all that cheese. Now I'm hungry...

  11. Who Who Who! This looks really good!




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