Friday, July 25, 2008

Wilton Decorating Course 1: Class 4


July has gone by way too fast! For my final class, we finally learned how to do the wilton rose. We were so slow with learning how to coordinate twisting the flower nail while squeezing the piping bag and moving the petal tip up and down that we didn't even get a chance to learn the leaves. Being the clumsy person I am, 4 of my roses didn't actually make it to the cake and landed on the table. By the time class was over, I only piped the center 7 roses onto my cake so again, I had to finish the rest at home.

Now the question is.. what to do with the cake? Everytime I get back from class, I can never bring myself to eat it, but feel like it's such a waste to throw out. Shortening freaks me out a little.. I don't know if it's the slimy feeling it leaves on your tongue or the pure whiteness of it. What makes it worse is I used noname transfats shortening so that the roses would pipe better. Apparently, we need those transfats to keep the frosting stabilized. As my instructor always says, desserts are not meant to be healthy...

wiltoncake4 (2)


  1. I'm awestruck by that cake - such GORGEOUS craftsmanship!! Nice work!! If you're unsure about what to do with the cake, I recommend selling it, haha :0D

  2. It does look really pretty. You're doing a great job. I can understand your feelings about the shortening. I never really knew that shortening was in all of those tasty frostings until I started getting into baking. Now, as pretty as they look, it freaks me out a bit to eat them. Frosting used to be the best part of the cake. Not so much anymore. :o( What are you going to do with it?

  3. that is really beautiful.. I'm inspired!

  4. I can't bear shortening either, but your roses, oh Steph, they're so pretty.

  5. Wow... you're skills have grown by leaps and bounds since the first class. That cake looks like it could be sold for some serious dough.

    Haha dough, cake, get it?

    Oh geez. Anyways, I know what you mean about the transfat thing. Shortening is one molecule away from plastic... so it's kinda weird.

    Anyways, thanks for the comments, and keep up the good work kiddo. Next week I want to see a 'Elephant on a Unicycle' Cake :)

  6. Great job! I just finished my wilton course 1 too, and signed up for 2! I'm hooked.

    I keep pawning the baked goods off on coworkers, friends, family, etc. My rose cake became a "Happy Birthday" cake for my hubby's grandmother.



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