Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TWD: Summer Fruit Galette

No TWD for me this week. In a few hours, I will be on my flight to England for 2 weeks.. any TWDer's in England? I feel so bad for not doing this week's TWD, but with all the packing and everything I had to do before leaving, it was just not possible. I hope everyone's galette turned out well.. with the blueberry pie crust as the base, I'm sure it's amazing!

By the way, I finally got a new camera just in time for my trip! No more blurry images and no more using cookie jars and ziploc/sour cream containers as camera stands. Shaky hands? No problem.. well at least I hope so!


  1. Oh what fun! Who cares about galettes at a time like this??? Have a fabulous trip.

  2. Don't feel guilty for passing up this week's TWD - have a WONDERFUL trip!!!

  3. Cool. Put that camera to some good use for us and take some sweet pics :)

  4. Oh, lucky you! My girlfriend just flew off this morning as well. I'm truly jealous. Eat lots, and take pictures :)
    Have a good trip!



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