Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wilton Decorating Course 1: Class 3

This week we decorated cupcakes in class. Since we were given the freedom to pipe whatever we wanted to, I couldn't finish and ended up only decorating 3/8. This is so typical of me.. I can never decide!

wiltoncake3wiltoncake3 (2)wiltoncake3 (3)

I finished the rest of the cupcakes at home...

wiltoncake3 (4)wiltoncake3 (6)wiltoncake3 (5)

Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words in my other post. I'm still confused, but I'm sure I don't want to be dietitian after speaking with a few of them. It defintiely wasn't the job I was expecting it to be, but at least I know I won't be spending the next 4 years in school for dietetics.


  1. Most gorgeous cupcakes EVER - nice job!!

  2. Really dig your new skills. Either you have a natural knack for that, or you're a super quick learner. Great job. I want to see a giraffe riding a skateboard next :)

  3. Those look great. I love decorating but sometimes without being told what to do, it is hard to decide. Great work!

  4. Those are sooo cute. I took a Wilton class too, but I'm still hopeless. My favorite are the grapes. Wouldn't it be so cute to do a bunch of round fruits? You rock!

  5. That's money well spent :) Good job! I especially like that fluffy white one.

  6. my class is today and yess, i opted for the cupcakes also!! see if i do as good as you!!

  7. these are so nicely decorated :)



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